Income protection insurance protects your ability to earn an income. If you become too sick to work, a percentage of your income is paid to you by your insurer each month. You can choose how long it will be paid out for. It can be as short as a few months or for the rest of your working life until you’re well enough to work again. Many income protection policies will also cover you for accidents which ACC may not cover.

Income protection insurance helps you pay your mortgage, your household bills, your kids’ school fees – and can keep a good standard of living if you’re too ill to work. If your illness prevents you from returning to work full time your insurance can top your income up to your agreed insured income level.

It’s paid for by a simple monthly premium – and it can be very affordable.

You can structure an income protection insurance policy to suit your needs. Premiums depend on your age and health history, the amount of cover you need, the waiting period before income protection payments start and the length of time the policy will continue to pay out once a claim is made.

You can choose protection that’s adjusted for inflation.